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By Karl Kaufmann
Released on July 31, 2021
"They say, the world is overpopulated yet there is so much room for loneliness." -- Mystica, the FateShifter

"Exit Strategy" 

is the solution of an indoctrinated society whose elderly accept being "switched off." Due to their growing numbers and despite all the inventions created for seniors, assistance to them can no longer be warranted. To change this state of affairs is the role of the FateShifter, Mystica. She carries out this task in the gap between the events as they occur in the World of Destinies and their outcome on Earth.

From the World of Destinies to its crusty echo--the blue planet--to the lobby to Hell to Eden to...

 From the Preface

Many of us have never imagined a reality other than the one our five senses attune us to. But there is not only a physical plane. Next to it, on an inward spiral, unfolds the astral plane. Most souls dwell there after shedding their physical bodies in death. It is also there, so it is said, where the paradises of various religious teachings are located.

The astral plane is where our souls, no longer constrained physically, live on in our emotional bodies. What is taking place in some astral sub-planes is endlessly more fascinating and, at times, horrifying than in the physical reality. Unchecked, the resentment of a single dweller can generate a hurricane.

According to the Living Masters, the planes above the astral are far more advanced. Our souls kept descending through the various planes and in each of them, they took on an additional body, like putting on more clothes when going out in the cold.

Animating all bodies, our souls gained mental faculties, the expression of feelings, and the ability to drive a physical body. Together, these bodies make up our complex personae.

In this book, we are primarily in the so-called World of Destinies, a state of being, rather than a physical location. It is where souls get acquainted with their upcoming earthly life. They go through it on an ethereal level, before embarking on the physical experience on Earth.

To help us understand how we all are interconnected we journey from the lobby to Hell to Eden.

In the World of Destinies, rampant rationalism has become the driving force that defines Mankind’s future. While on the blue planet, we ignore the long-term consequences of cold-blooded logic: in the World of Destinies, they have come to the fore in all their sinister effects. Called “Exit Strategy,” it is the solution of a society that, despite all the inventions created to help seniors to be self-sufficient, has reached the conviction that assistance to them can only be warranted up to a certain point due to their growing numbers. And, indoctrinated, old people accept being “switched off” like outdated machines.

To change this state of affairs is the role of the fate shifter, Mystica. She carries out this monumental task in the gap between the events as they occur in the World of Destinies and their outcome on Earth. To complicate the situation . . .

Esoteric archeology? When details hidden in a rock disclose themselves to the trained eye.

"What Would Sigmund Freud Say?

                                 One Of The Introductory FateShifter Flipbooks

Early Feedback 

                                            to Novel and corresponding TV Series Project:

"This project will still make money long after we are all gone."  --  Mark Marzouk, a Golden Globe Awards President, about the FateShifter-related MYSTICA TV Series Project

"Three quantum leaps beyond anything I have ever read."  --  Susan Jordan, Attorney.

"Will change a generation." 
--  Catalina Catani, Assoc. Producer of Bobby Fischer Life

Karl, Karl, Karl, This is terrific! I don't usually lean toward dystopian novels, but I love the premise of this novel because your premise is an ever-present looming real issue that older readers with vivid imaginations have nightmares about."  --  Kate Tumminello, of Book Club for Readers over 60

"Once again you blew me away. The visual art is beautiful, I’m liking the storyline, and your instinct with soundtrack selections is spot on. You’re opening
me up to a world I never paid much attention to. It’s been really hard not to show your work to some of my friends in the arts (Emerson College Boston grads and teachers, etc.) so the faster you get this FateShifter out there the better."  --  Kate Tumminello, in Response to the New Reading Format (text with images and score, as in "Quotes").

F A T E S H I F T E R   I S   C U R R E N T L Y  A V A I L A B L E   O N   V E L L A

The indicated release date refers to the first episode of FateShifter, "From Mount Rushmore To The Swamps Of Frustration" on Vella

One of the FateShifter free intro flipbooks for Vella readers

In preparation: the FateShifter novel
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