Book Cover for Candid Hope

Candid Hope

By Karl Kaufmann
Released on July 31, 2021
"Operation Chutzpah," the kidnapping of Candid Hope from a dreamy Venice Carnival to Nightmareville

Candid Hope

The day Candid Hope discovers her own creations have magic powers, all hell breaks loose. After enchanting the visitors at a miniature exhibition, the rumor spreads that her creations appear in children's dreams. Her dolls guide the children to the World of Wonders, a place long forgotten. Sad children cheer up; sick children heal.

Tycoon Mister Fox senses his widespread interests threatened, and contacts his mentor in the dream world, the judge of Nightmareville. Together, they decide to ban Candid from all dreams before she or any of her dolls can reappear anywhere. In the world, they want her dead amidst her creations, and at the same time in the dream world, they will trick her into the Magic Dolls’ House.

Instead of reopening it to all children’s dreams, she will be locked up with the magic dolls forever. Nightmares will be protected as an art form, serving widespread interests more than ever.

What Mr. Fox and his mentor cannot prevent, and psychic Lady Mindread fails to foresee, is composer Kurt Gainer falling in love with Candid, and disrupting their plans. The battle to contain Candid and to fool Kurt will continue into the loftiest dreams.

Repeatedly interrupted by their antagonists: Candid Hope and Kurt's ride to cloud nine

Another fate shifter, Candid Hope’s purpose is to remind us of our royal birthright. There is a Candid deep inside each of us. Deeper than emotions, reasoning, and causes, these "Candids" are our souls. On a pilgrimage through a maze called life, they navigate us past our Nightmareland. They observe us while writing the roles for our next performances on the world stage.

C A N D I D   H O P E   I S   C U R R E N T L Y  A V A I L A B L E   O N   V E L L A

The indicated release date refers to the first episode of Candid Hope, "I'm Candid. Who are you?" on Vella
One of the Candid Hope free intro flipbooks for Vella readers

"Greetings from Nightmareville," the free flipbook about Candid Hope's antagonists
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